Family relationships depend on the woman's wisdom

Family relationships are a very important part of the emotional state of the person. They determine its behavior in many situations, and family well-being - it's a guarantee preserved nerve cells.

Scientists from the University of California of America, Berkeley, found that family relationships mainly determined women's wisdom and ability to independently resolve conflicts.

During the study, researchers reviewed the footage from the lives of more than 80 elderly couples and couples of middle age. It turns out that those couples in which the woman quickly fell behind and could give the man was happier, but such relationships rarely end with a gap. Thus, the ability to settle disputes, control of your emotions allows you to save successful family relationships and satisfaction with marriage.

Lian Bloch, the author of the study, reports that constructive communication is the Foundation of a healthy marriage. Provide the arguments at the time the dispute is an excellent way of settling conflicts.

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