Family problems lead to obesity among adolescents

Persistent problems in the family cause the child to chronic stress. To adolescence, it can lead to obesity. To such conclusion experts from the University of Houston. They assessed the condition 4700 adolescents and the impact on children of three main stressors in the family: family breakdown, illness of the mother, financial problems. Information provided by the publication of Zee News.

Researchers have found a link between the development of obesity among girls aged 18 years and my parents ' divorce. The probability of obesity among girls increased, and when the parents divorce. The link between maternal health and obesity was observed among boys at the age of 18.

To stress boys and girls react differently. Not every child is able to cope with their problems, and family problems cause additional stress. Researchers are advised, if necessary, to appeal to a family psychologist and not to forget, many issues are resolved through open dialogue between family members.

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