Family problems lead to disruptions in the child's brain

Researchers from the University of East Anglia conducted an analysis of brain structure in children and found that cool family relationships interfere with the nervous system to fully develop. Data were obtained with the use of special technology to scan the brain, writes The Times of India.

Dr. Nicholas Walsh investigated the brain of adolescents aged 17 to 19 years and found that even moderate problems in the family at the age of 11 years lead to the suppression of the development of the nervous system. Such children often cerebellum is reduced in size. This education is responsible for coordinating, training, regulation of stress. Small cerebellum is one of the causes of mental disorders and depression.

The study proves that you need help not only children experiencing direct violence in the family, but also everyone who is experiencing difficulties in communicating with loved ones. In the future this may result in serious problems. Factor provocateur can be constant disputes, lack of communication and love in the family.

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