Family planning

Very often, the timely detection of any abnormalities or disease can not only change, but simply to save a person's life. For confidence in the future and prevent such situations simply go through preclinical research, which today can offer any medical center.

In recent times the term "family planning" is increasingly part of our lives. Unfortunately, for many couples, conceiving a child naturally impossible. But those times when infertility was a real sentences are gone, and today the specialists of the center for family planning and reproduction available new opportunities that will help to fulfill the dream of a young couple. The most modern equipment helps to get a complete diagnosis and then treatment of the patient, which allows you to have a successful artificial insemination.

Also in the medical center, the patient may receive assistance in the field of gynecology and urology, contraception and termination of unwanted pregnancy. At the medical centers provide help for psychological care, special attention is given to adolescents, preventive explanations about how serious the consequences of early sexual life. Of course, many families, civic and religious leaders opposed to the early education of young people with such issues, but as the experience of other countries, this system gives a positive result.

Especially the role of the medical centers family planning in reducing child mortality. Identifying defects in the fetus at an early stage helps to treat intrauterine without risk of miscarriage. Patients who decide to have an abortion, a thorough psychological work that their decision did not depend on temporary difficulties. This allows you to save as many lives without causing harm to the health of the fetus.

To date, the state sufficiently tightly engaged in the creation of optimal conditions for family planning, improved child and maternal mortality, the opening of new health centres for the protection of the health of mothers and their children, because this directly affects the future of the whole country.

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