Family life affects the weight of the spouses

According to the British dietetic, when cohabitation of men and women and their weight is changing. For example, married women are more likely set of extra pounds, and men, on the contrary, weight loss. The study was attracted 1300 men and women.

In the experiment, every third inhabitant of Britain marked the beginning of a larger food coincided with the beginning of life with a man. And according to the testimony of each of the third Briton diet after the beginning of family life has become somewhat limited. According to many men, their food has become more "feminine" food - salads and yogurts.

According to nutritionists, in pairs, prepare meals at home, paid little attention to the fact that food and its quantity corresponded to different needs, peculiar to men and women. Often divide food into portions, the dimensions of which are identical and may be small for the stronger sex, or, conversely, too large for women.

You should also be aware that the stronger and the weaker sex have different needs vitamins. For example, women are less in need of vitamins than men.

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