Family conflicts lead to obesity

This is the conclusion of experts from the University of Ohio (USA). They proved that the frequent conflicts in the family can trigger the development of obesity.

In experiment took part couple. The volunteers were asked to play at lunch or dinner conflict situation. After a quarrel, the subjects completed the survey on relationships in the family. Next, each participant of the experiment gave the sample of saliva and blood, and scientists a few days after the experiment watched the sleep of volunteers.

It turned out, the conflict increases the level of the hormone ghrelin. This substance is responsible for creating feelings of hunger. After a fight most of the volunteers have worked up an appetite, and wanted to eat something sweet, fatty or salty. These groups of products in large quantities harmful to the body and trigger obesity.

Of course, to obesity leads not only to quarrels. Much more impact that a sedentary lifestyle, excess food, and natural predisposition.

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