Familiar smells can cause headaches

Doctors warn that familiar smells can cause the development of headache. In the black list, triggering migraines, got garlic and onions. In addition, the deterioration can cause odors perfume, sprays and aerosols. Unambiguous harm is caused by tobacco smoke.

Of unusual smells, facing each marked with the smell of greasy fried food and freshener in the car, writes The Daily Mail. It is noted that migraine in 50% of cases can cause it smells. Pain syndrome develops immediately after contact. Often this applies to women (up to 70% of cases). Such conditions can lead to a pathological fear of smells - osmophobia.

The smell interacts with a specific group of receptors responsible for olfactory function. Sometimes this leads to stimulation of the trigeminal nerve and inflammatory reactions. Vasospasm is one of the reasons of a headache. Another version of vessels capable of spazmirovatsya themselves after contact with the odor.

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