False croup in children

False croup is very dangerous complications after SARS, which occurs only in children aged 2 to 3 years. "Croup" is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, which is accompanied by wheeze, shortness of breath (often when inhaling) and heckling or quacking cough. This characteristic cough is a disease got its name (group". and with sotl. - CAW). "False croup" is a viral disease of the upper respiratory tract, reminiscent of "croup". The infection causes swelling of the throat. Because of the peculiarities of the throat of a child aged two or three years, is actually a false croup in children, treatment should begin immediately otherwise it may cause a severe attack of breathlessness. This disease often runs itself, but with the right treatment. Self-treatment can lead to very sad consequences, including develop into bronchitis.

As the baby can get sick ?

In the off-season especially important to carefully approach the selection of baby clothing. Variable weather, deceptive sun and increased activity of the baby, dramatically changing the game in the sandbox, leads to hypothermia child. So in his body settled SARS. By evening, the child becomes lethargic, and at night during sleep there is a strong swelling of the throat, can rise the temperature, breathing becomes intermittent and frequent as bronchitis in a child, you receive a "quacking" cough. If the child did not Wake up, and he will not be urgently provided with the necessary assistance, he may lose consciousness, the strongest start choking.

The severity of the disease

"False croup has four degrees of severity of stenosis. Stenosis is a narrowing of the lumen of the larynx, which causes obstruction to the passage of air during inhalation.

Stenosis 4th degree (asphyxia). The most severe form of "false croup". The child may go into a coma. Breathing is very intermittent.

How to relieve an attack of false croup

Calm yourself and the baby and open the window. The room should be received fresh air.

Put the baby and put under the back cushion, that he was comfortable to be in this position.

Whenever possible, let the baby to drink warm juice or compote, any warm liquid.

Humidify the air spray.

Put mustard on caviar. This will prevent swelling to increase.

Bring down the temperature of antipyretic drugs. Let antiallergic drugs.

If breathing stops, call the gag reflex.


How to prevent croup?

Follow the rules of hygiene, especially if someone is sick. Avoid contact of the child with those who are sick with viral infections. As often as possible poite baby and do not smoke in his presence and in the apartment. Do not use for inhalation of aromatic oils. They can irritant to act on the mucous membrane of the larynx of a child.

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