Failures in the body making diet useless

According to the statement of researchers of the National Council of technology and science in Argentina and the University of Michigan, any human being to lose excess pounds will be associated with great difficulties, if he never made the effort to clean up his body and forms.

In experiments, the researchers used rodents. It turned out that life for a long time with excessive weight in the absence of attempts, quickly or slowly, to lose weight causes a "reset" in the body of most of the performance standards. Later, the body perceived it as normal. According to scientists, the example of animals explains why people find it difficult to keep a normal weight.

And here diet powerless. As recalled by the researchers, those extra pounds can cause the development of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and others.

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During the experiment, the scientists observed the oscillations of the weight of the Guinea pigs at different stages of life. The results revealed the potential for direct effects on genetic "switch" responsible for the feeling of hunger. It, so to speak, "enabling" right at the moment of taking the mouse from his mother kept him from future development of obesity and overeating. In this case, to maintain a normal weight did not require any diet.

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