Factors that can lead to postpartum depression

In addition to hormonal changes, postpartum depression can lead to a number of factors. To them include:

1. Personal opinion women on motherhood, which sometimes is the result of an unhappy childhood and a bad relationship with their parents.

2. Unrealistic expectations, which imposes mothers society.

3. The cases of depression among the relatives.

4. Dissatisfaction with married life and the lack of support from family or relatives.

5. Low self-esteem.

6. The feeling of overload or harassment through continuous supervision for small children.

This list, of course, far from complete. To postpartum depression can lead and other factors. But the cause is still not fully known.

How to help yourself

1. If depression persists, consult a specialist. The sooner you do, the faster you start getting better. Look empathetic physician who is knowledgeable with this disease. Feel free postpartum depression or the fact of having to take medication.

2. Get regular exercise. Studies show that regular exercise is useful for depression.

3. Tell your neighbor how you feel. Not adelaides and do not suppress their feelings.

4. Remember that your home should not be perfectly removed. Try to lead a simple life, focusing on the really important matters.

5. Do not think about bad. Focusing on the feelings of guilt and worthlessness, you will only delay the healing process.

Tips for men

1. Understand this: your wife is not to blame for what is postpartum depression. If her condition does not improve, help her to find a sympathetic doctor who is knowledgeable with this disorder.

2. Patiently listen to your wife and don't try to refute her words. Don't worry its pessimism. Kindly help his wife to focus on the positive and reassure that her condition will improve. Don't think that should fix all the problems, about which she recalls. Maybe the wife needs not wise counsel, and only fun. Remember: those who suffer from postpartum depression, it is difficult to think clearly and logically.

3. Discard unimportant Affairs, to have more time to support his wife. This allows faster recovery.

4. Be sure to take away a little time for yourself. If you are going to feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually, you will be better able to help his wife.

5. Find someone who would be listened to and encouraged you. This can be a Mature man, whose wife had once postpartum depression.

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