Facial rejuvenation with mesotherapy

Within the determined age women are becoming interested in how to rejuvenate the face, because the years are taking "their". One of the popular methods of rejuvenation consider mesotherapy. Mesoterapia is called a complex method, which allows the women for as long as possible to prolong its beauty and to give the face a fresh and luminous, slow down skin aging.

This procedure is definitely not new, as beauticians applied with success for almost half a century. The method is based are specially designed drugs, pivoted as a unit within a kind of "cocktails" that are injected in the skin and under it.

Technically facial mesotherapy is straightforward, but without professional skills is not enough. The main place procedures that cosmetic centers.

What is the least expensive and the quality was not the cream, its effectiveness does not extend beyond the surface of the skin. Facial mesotherapy, aimed at the delivery of nutrients into the skin, directly into the areas that cause problems.

Anti-aging process

On the basis of the patient's problem, selected specific individual part of a "cocktail", which is why the range of application of this technique is extraordinarily wide.

Limitations age as of current there. More than just demand programs associated with facial rejuvenation.

"Cocktail" for these programs usually consists of:

- amino acids;

- elastin;

- vitamins;

- collagen;

- guoranboy acid;

In creating the composition of the involved experts beauticians, carefully selecting the components required for each person. After the introduction of the drugs immediately rejuvenate the skin.

Fun fact, even the syringe has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, causing a reflex reaction when touching nerve endings.

The use of mesotherapy will completely remove fine wrinkles and deep smooth. To make a better complexion and improve skin elasticity. Mesotherapy can be done at any age, the skin will always be glad intensive feeding.


Using the syringe, the doctor makes a cocktail of nutrients under the skin. Typically, the process is performed manually, this allows you to effectively treat problem areas. The session lasts a quarter of an hour.

If necessary, your doctor may use special anesthetics. Upon completion of the procedure may be redness of the skin, but not for long. Through the day disappear traces of injections.

How many times and how often do masterpie?

It all depends on what initially condition your skin will be and what your age, your goals. If your goal is to get rid of small wrinkles, it takes only three to four treatments, one every two weeks. And if your skin needs a facelift, then you need eight treatments, with the same interval.

Possible contraindications:

- geltechnology disease;

- pregnancy;

different kinds of allergies;

- diabetes.

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All possible nuances, of course are agreed upon in advance with the doctor. At the moment mesoterapia is considered one of the most effective procedures aimed at facial rejuvenation, the result will be in due measure, see and feel.

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