Facial rejuvenation at home

Mature skin needs constant quality of care, which helps to cope with all the signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin. It is not necessary to use expensive cosmetics - traditional recipes for rejuvenation is often as effective and affordable, easy at home. What tools home cosmetology help to rejuvenate the face? First, I want to say that all the information on facial rejuvenation, including about plastic surgery can be found on the website www.dr-grudko.ru. Secondly, the skin, which is prone to dryness, you can treat with a cream that includes hot peppers. A small piece of sharp bitter pepper should be cut, then add a few tablespoons of olive oil and mix, add one teaspoon of beeswax and half a teaspoon of lanolin. All that you need to put a water bath and heat until everything is melted. When all is melted, add the pepper-olive mixture. Then the pan should be removed from the heat, beating until smooth. Get a good home cream for face rejuvenation, which stimulates the metabolism and skin. Another homemade cream for skin rejuvenation can be cooked with honey, lanolin and almond oil. This is also a cream for dry skin. We need to take all these ingredients in different proportions, and honey and lanolin in advance to melt, then pour a little boiling water and well all grind. Effective skin food provided. To rejuvenate the skin and nourish it with vitamins can also use different masks. It is necessary to chop a bit of watermelon pulp, obedinitel it with oatmeal and add a teaspoon of lemon Saka. . To a thick consistency, mix and apply on the skin. Keep this mask should be fifteen minutes. The pulp of the melon for facial rejuvenation is also useful, and even more than the flesh of watermelon. It should pass through a sieve and season with a tablespoon of olive oil. Also want to add a bit of honey. Keep this mask on the skin is no more than twenty minutes. It's very easy to prepare rejuvenating facial mask of green tea. Pour a little boiling water in one already brewed a tablespoon of green tea and leave for a few minutes. Then add a little cranberry juice and starch. After you mix all the ingredients , you can put the mixture on the skin and to hold fifteen minutes. In the end, the rejuvenating effect is provided to you.

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