Facial massage - types and techniques

Massage can be of two types: medical and hygienic and cosmetic. Hygienic and cosmetic massage is designed to combat early aging of the skin, as well as its decline. Especially for skin prone to dryness, with fine structure and low density. The use of this massage is practically minimizes appearance of fine and deep and clear wrinkles makes subtle, restoring elasticity and providing power to the deep layers of skin cells. The strength and speed of movements used change quickly and often. You can do this massage at home by yourself, below are correct technique of massage.

The function of therapeutic massage is narrowing dilated pores, restoring glands subcutaneous layer, the resorption of existing subcutaneous seals, reducing purchased deep wrinkles and other cases.

Therapeutic massage will help to remove many skin defects.

As a rule, to thirty years of age, women leather begins to lose elasticity and firmness, so the use of massage in order to prevent the appearance of unwanted creases and wrinkles, is required. Best of all this procedure is done at a specialist beautician, who will evaluate your skin and determine the choice of technique of massage movements with the necessary hygiene.

Before the massage you need to properly prepare the skin for further manipulation, as by their conduct in the skin can penetrate all kinds of microorganisms. To do this, the skin is cleaned with the utmost care, taking special cleanser for your skin type makeup residue and accumulated sebum excretion.

To activate the process of massage combined with heat treatments that can help most quickly and easily clean and remove from the skin contained congestion and allow it to breathe. To this end, apply steam bath of decoction of herbs or hot compress. Next, make the skin slippery, applying oil or oily emulsion, for obstacles stretching and facilitate the work of massage, which consists in grasping and holding the folds of the skin.

Used massage movements are rhythmic, light stroking movements that should not stretch and compress the skin. Each massage movement is repeated at least five times. The duration of the massage is fifteen minutes, and the entire course consists of twenty sessions.

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Visiting a massage parlor once and got instant results, you will again and again seek to pass such a pleasant and truly rejuvenating treatments!

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