Facial massage technique and use

If massage your back, arms, abdomen and other parts of the body focuses more on the restoration of the functions of internal organs, facial massage is done solely for the skin. This improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, improves skin firmness, complexion becomes a natural hues. All this inevitably leads to improved mood and cheerfulness of the patient.

Facial massage can be divided into areas: forehead, eye sockets, nose and the area around him, cheeks and ears. These will often be integrated massage that uses all parts of the patient's face. Massaged can sit threw back his head back or lying on your back massaged.

Any woman knows that a facial massage should be carried out in particular areas, so-called cosmetic areas. Professional master also owns these knowledge, so you can completely trust him without fear.

The facial skin in both men and women has its own characteristics: it is a gentle, elastic and thin. As a consequence, the facial massage should be approached carefully and carefully to prevent unnecessary strains. Consider the basic massage techniques that can be applied on the face.

Stroking. They can be carried out from the middle of the face (nose) towards the ears and then down to the lower jaw. This affected all the necessary points that you need to regularly stimulate. The massage therapist is better to stand behind the patient and use your fingertips to produce a pumping action on these trajectories.

Attention! The hands of the therapist and the patient's skin should be washed perfectly clean and dry.

Stroking the cheeks is from the nose and nasolabial folds towards the ears. This area on the face is often oily, therefore you should not make a strong push. The corners of the mouth should not be stretched.

Trituration. More active manipulation compared to the strokes. Smear on the face, mainly the area of lymphatic vessels. If there is pain points (contusions, bruises or simply sensitive areas), their rubbing one index finger or thumb in a circular motion.

Rubbing it differs from stroking the fact that in the first case, the skin moves with the fingers of craftsmen, while when stroking the skin remains stationary and does not stretch.

Active grinding can be performed on the forehead and cheeks. Do not touch area around the eyes, where skin is too thin and not suitable for active manipulation. General rubbing is carried out four fingers, with the support thumb. In exceptional cases, you can use the palm.

The taps. A favorite technique women, who thus put day cream. Tapping held four fingers of both hands. Movements should be gentle, even playful. You can walk your fingers across the face, relaxing the pressure when tapping around the eye area.

At home possible and self-massage of the face. Many women doing it yourself, without even knowing about it. Wash, cream, flushing cosmetics - all this affects the skin, activating it and raising the tone.

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