Facelift without intervention hirurgicheskogo

Probably, everyone had ever heard of carrying out cosmetic procedures using specialized hardware equipment. Hardware cosmetology on the cosmetic services market is not the last place. It is a modern technology that has become popular all over the world for a long time. Local Dynamic Micro-massage designed for cosmetic clinics and allows the use of two ultrasonic waves simultaneously with different frequency characteristics at 1 MHz and 3 MHz and one wave at 10 MHz. This results in a local massage at the cellular level.

The micro-massage helps to stimulate the production of endogenous collagen, plumping fibers and reduces its destruction. Procedure LDM provides a slight narrowing of the pores of the skin and dilated blood vessels, reduces swelling and relieves irritation. Only the combination of modern Anti-Age concepts to improve the state of the body and rejuvenation of the skin can have simultaneously biochemical, thermal and mechanical effects. This technique is used everywhere for everyone patients. The main condition is to have a contraindication to the use of ultrasound procedures.

The scope of application of the new methodology:- skin firming; smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenation;- reduction of nasolabial folds; facelift; shaping;- phonophoresis;- cellulite, stretch marks. After the first procedure of the massage, the duration of which is 20 min you can feel the positive changes. The course hardware LDM massage for 1.50 months required 2 times per week session will show excellent results and will definitely be visible. Any woman wants to see herself delightful, and her skin soft and young. Specialists cosmetic clinic will help you to get the result and will make every effort to ensure that each patient was satisfied with their appearance. Be beautiful and healthy!

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