Facebook changes the view women have of themselves

Social networks have a certain influence on people's behavior. Scientists from the University of the West of England noticed that women's perceptions of beauty have changed somewhat under the influence of the Internet. Increasingly, wives perceive themselves not as individuals, but as an object of sexual desires of men. The results of a study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Several girls agreed to provide scientists with data about their activity on social networks. The more time is spent on browsing fashion magazines and social networks, the more blurred the identity of the girl, changed self-esteem.

Compare their appearance with the appearance of others leads to many unhealthy desire to be the prettiest of all. As a result, the personality is lost, and appearance is perceived by the girl as a commodity that has tangible value.

Scientists advise to contact attention not only on external parameters, but also on internal development. It is proved that the intellect is valued not only by employers but also the opposite sex when you build a lasting relationship.

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