Facebook can be one of the causes of alcoholism

Experts from the University of Michigan have found a relationship between alcoholism and the use of social networks. Over the last few years: Internet addiction is one of the causes of depression and stress. Before scientists have proven that frequent the comment information related to alcohol, can talk about alcohol dependence and pathological craving for alcohol.

Just experiment was attended by 400 volunteers-user network Facebook. People read messages about alcohol addictions and shared with scientists their feelings from the read. The desire to leave a comment, experts say, can talk about pathological craving for alcohol, and even about alcohol dependence.

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The modern reality is that alcohol is perceived by many young people as elixir of adulthood and "coolness". Psychologists pay attention to the problem and talk about the necessity of changing the image of alcoholic beverages. Young people must know the truth not only prohibited, but permitted drugs.

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