Face lift thread

A facelift is an operation that is carried out with the aim of eliminating the signs of aging skin. During the operation, is the tightening of the skin, muscles of the face and neck, and there is a partial removal of excess fat and loose skin. In General, improves the appearance of the patient.

Facelift threads running with the same purpose, however, with the use of innovative technologies and new methods. Due to which the procedure will require minimal surgical intervention, or not required at all. This method is by far the most innovative. And despite its relatively small age, have achieved considerable popularity among thousands of patients. This method is considered the most effective way is not capable to cause patient injury and leave postoperative scars.

It should also be noted that the facelift threads occurs without the use of a surgical scalpel, which nullifies the possibility of post-operative scars. As this method does not require a long recovery, and the result of the treatment will continue for a long time. This method of face lift has several significant advantages, including: safety, ease of operation, minimal intervention of the surgeon, as well as high efficiency (the client can see the results almost immediately).

The duration of the procedure depends on the total, in the best case, the lift will take no more than 15 minutes, and most difficult, when you need an introduction thread in a separate part of the face - the procedure will take no more than an hour.

This method facelift has one significant advantage, the effect will be visible in the shortest time. The first changes the patient will be able to notice after a couple of hours after the procedure, and the final effect will be visible after 2-3 weeks. The effect of a face lift thread successfully maintained for three years, after which the procedure can be repeated.

The thread with which the surgery is performed, are made of synthetic material, which for many years used in surgery.

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The cost of this procedure is quite democratic, thanks to which it will be able to afford many of those who want. However, before you finally decide on carrying out non-surgical face lift, you should consult with a qualified specialist, pass all necessary inspections, as well as accurately weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

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