Fabric pigs are able to restore the consequences of mastectomy

Women who have survived breast cancer in the near future will have a chance to try reconstructive surgery, during which fabrics are used pigs, the newspaper The Daily Mail. The advantage of this technology is that the breast is reversed immediately after it has been removed mammary gland.

Tissue of pigs previously exposed to special treatment, during which the biological frame is withdrawn DNA of the animal. This is done in order to prevent their exclusion.

After the above procedures, tissue is made semblance of pocket into which the implant is installed. It should be noted that pork fabric chosen, so as soon as porcine collagen is similar to human. This is why previously been used biologic mesh from pig tissues that have been successfully used in the treatment of hernia.

That is why this technology is also suitable for the recovery of the consequences of mastectomy. According to the assurances of the surgeon Simon Cocorna from the Hospital Caused, this frame after a certain time becomes an integral part of the female body, without creating preconditions for repeated surgical intervention.

The only thing that may hinder the application of this technology is the presence of large tumor size, which was identified in the later stages, and if the female breast is larger than the size C or D.

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