Eyeliner dangerous - the scientists

Experts from the University of Waterloo has analysed a number of videos in high resolution and counted the total number of particles eyeliner that fall during the day on the protective tear film. Applying eyeliner on the inner contour of the century can cause inflammatory diseases of the organ of vision, writes Zee News.

15-30% more eyeliner moved on tear film in five minutes after application, than when applying makeup on the outside line of the lash. Makeup with the inner lash line quickly get into your eyes and cause discomfort.

Eyeliner, scientists believe, damages the tear film and can cause inflammation, layering bacterial infection in constant contact makeup from the sensitive eye areas. Doctors advise to use only proven remedies for beauty and safe methods of their application. The recommendation is especially important for people who wear contact lenses and have a tendency to inflammatory diseases of the eye.

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