Eyelid surgery will give a clear view

Clear open view - pleasant distinctive feature young age, indicating good health and optimism. But to keep this feature in pristine condition is quite difficult. Over the years the problem occurs "fat bags" under the eyes, the eyelid skin begins to hang, and the corners of the eyes down. As a result, the form and shape of the eye may change considerably.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can restore the look of youthful radiance. That's why this popular aesthetic surgery in patients of both sexes.

That is an indication to perform blepharoplasty? - the presence of "bags" under the eyes caused by small fat deposits, giving the look of severity and fatigue; - "heavy eyes" caused by the overhang of excess skin on the upper eyelid; - ptosis - lowering of the upper eyelid (both eyes or one); - some types of wrinkles. These problems are observed close to 40 years. But there are individual characteristics (for example, fat herniation), makes you wonder about the plastic age at a young age.

How justified such a surgical procedure? Eyelid surgery: photo of before and after is able to dispel all doubts. The more that the procedure is conducted under anesthesia, in the hands of a professional is not dangerous. Preliminary testing will reveal, plastic, a century - upper or lower - will be needed. It may be necessary circular blepharoplasty, i.e. plastic change both eyelids. Depending on this, the doctor will make an incision along the border of the eyelashes on the eyelid bottom or the top eyelid. For younger patients, the use transconjunctival blepharoplasty, where the incision is made at the inner regions of the century. In any case, the effects of surgical intervention will be practically invisible.

The plastic lids are also contraindications: diseases of the cardiovascular system; - high blood, intraocular pressure of a chronic nature; - endocrine diseases (thyroid disease, diabetes). - malignant tumor; hemophilia; "dry eye syndrome".

Sutures are removed on the fourth day. If it is not possible to wait 10 days until the swelling and bruising under the eyes will be in a natural way, you can use special procedures. This will make the rehabilitation process more comfortable.

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