Eye drops to treat baldness

The FDA approved a new drug for the treatment of hair loss, it will go on sale under the trade name Latisse. The basis for this drug became the substance of Lumigan eye drops used to treat glaucoma.

This positive effect was discovered accidentally, when pits drug Lumigan eye, the part drops flowed out and over time has been a rapid growth of eyelashes, they become longer, thicker and thicker. The company Allergan, the manufacturer drops, decided to use this "side effect" of the drug for commercial purposes and launched the sale of the drug Lumigan for eyelashes. After conducting clinical studies in humans with alopecia (hair loss) were positive results have been obtained and registered a new drug.

Now you are ready to fight with baldness by using drops, the cost of the new drug is more expensive eye drops and month course of treatment will cost $ 120 on the American market.

Despite the positive aspects, like any other drug, a new tool has several side effects of which the consumer should know: itching, redness, darkening of the skin. This may be a limitation in the widespread use of a new drug, because it assumes a large concentration of a substance, and hence more pronounced adverse effects.

In any case, people had a choice. You can take a small risk and begin to RUB the eye drops into the skin for thick curly hair, and you can just love my bald spot in the end - it is a sign of sexuality.

This is not the first drug that enters the market and then, after many years of use, there are some other effects that makes the product the top in sales. Remember the Viagra, which was developed for the treatment of ischemic heart disease, and has brought happiness to millions of men and women all over the world completely in the other sector.

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