Extroverts are not so many as it seems - study

Experts from Dartmouth College believe that the percentage of extrovert from the General population is not as great as most people think. The so-called "paradox of friendship" extroverts and introverts are unevenly distributed among social groups. This phenomenon is most pronounced in the groups of extroverts, writes The Huffington Post.

A social group is formed due to common interests, introverts significantly easier to estimate the number of extroverts and introverts in society. These were installed in the experiment with the participation of 284 candidates for the degree of master of business administration.

At 5 and 11 weeks after introductory lectures, the scientists conducted a survey of participants in the experiment. It was necessary to establish who are the people surrounding the individual: introverts or extroverts. Extroverts more time was devoted to communicate with extroverts. The extrovert of the group reflect the distribution of two types of people in society, such is the conclusion of scientists.

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