What only changes in the body are not going teenagers, the desire to change something ends unbelievable and extreme modifications of the human body. "CBS NEWS" published thirteen most extreme body modification.

In the endless quest to find himself, the youth is going to radically change your appearance, this transformation is dangerous and quite painful. Under the skin, implanted metal products made of medical steel, numerous tattoos and piercings.

Forked tongue. Why have one language, if you can make two. Bifurcation language is a very painful procedure that modifies the anatomic form of the language. Experts warn that language is a multifunctional organ that depends on it, eating and more.

The most unusual person in the world Eduard Meyer, better known as the Lizardman. In addition to the bifurcation of the tongue and a tattoo on entire skin of the head and face mounted implants in the eyebrows and changed the shape of teeth.

This horror called corset-piercing, except that it's very painful - it's dangerous enough as it is "live" corset to keep the frequency is very difficult and therefore has a greater potential for infection. Some people in this creation of human hands see some erotic nature.

The facial asymmetry is achieved by subcutaneous injection of saline. These deformations temporary and after 2-3 hours the person takes the symmetric form.

Man-cat. In addition to tattoos is plastic nasolabial triangle and ears, changing the shape of the teeth to fangs, and numerous piercings on the face.

The stretching of the skin. Lips, ears, nose gradually stretched by changing the diameter of the pads. These changes are irreversible, but are considered the most secure in comparison with other modifications of his body.

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Experts believe that such modifications may not be the norm is the pathology in mental health. Giperbolizirovannosti the desire to stand out among their peers. It is important to remember that these changes are irreversible, they leave large scars and dangerous accession of infection. Before doing that myself - think why!

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