Extract from the cork tree helps in the treatment of cancer

Scientists Research centre at the University of Texas conducted a study, which found that the bark of the cork tree has a number of useful properties. The extract from the bark can be used as a component of therapy for pancreatic cancer.

It should be noted, earlier experiments with cork proved its effectiveness against prostate cancer. It is known that the structure of the prostate and pancreas something similar, has the sense of a unified approach in the treatment of these diseases, writes the Financial Express.

The mechanism of action of the extract in the following: it blocks chemical reactions in cancer and preventing its development. The second beneficial effect is the inhibition of the process of scarring around the tumor. Scarring is one of the reasons for the resistance of tumors to drugs, because they cannot pass through the barrier.

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Two lines of chemical reactions provide the process of fibrosis (scarring). This process supports the inflammatory enzyme Cox-2. Scientists have proved that the extract of the cork tree copes with these processes. The efficacy and safety of drugs based on plants already confirmed on 24 patients with prostate cancer.

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