Extract from green coffee reduces the level of glucose in the blood

Scientists-chemists from the United States recently announced that they discovered a substance in green coffee, which reduce the level of glucose and other blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. To conduct this experiment scientists pushed the results of the earlier research, which found that the drug two to three cups of coffee a day people 2 times less likely to suffer from diabetes. After this, the specialists of the University in Scranton began to more closely examine the chemical composition of coffee beans.

As it turned out, chlorogenic acids found in coffee, reduce the level of glucose in the blood. However, it became clear that a large part of the molecules of these acids disintegrates in the roasting of coffee beans and it has given scientists the opportunity to suggest that green coffee beans mentioned acids are found in much larger quantities. So they decided that the extract of green coffee will have a greater effect in the treatment of diabetes.

In order to test their hypothesis, the scientists gathered a group of volunteers suffering from diabetes. Every day the participants took the pills with coffee extract. The experiment lasted 22 weeks, and as a result, the participants lost an average of ten percent, and the level of sugar in the blood decreased by 22-30%. Scientists hope that based on this discovery pharmaceuticals significantly ease the plight of people suffering from diabetes.

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