Extra weight will relieve not roasted coffee beans

Daily eating, green (not roasted) coffee beans, apparently, will allow you to help to initiate sustainable weight loss. This theory was tested on 16 volunteers in the age category from 22 to 46 years, who at the time of the experiment overweight.

On average, all volunteers at the time of the study were able to lose about 8 pounds. So, body weight decreased by about 10.5 percent, and the amount of fat "deposits" - about 16 percent.

"Some of the volunteers received placebo, and the other additives with non-roasted green coffee beans. Scientists were very interested in the question set by the participants of the experiment weight without dietary changes," - says the publication WebMD. As a result, in the group of people who took a Supplement that has shown steady weight loss, which can not be said about a group that used a placebo.

The greatest weight loss was recorded during the use of very large doses of green coffee beans (one dose of grains was 700 mg, second -, respectively 1050 mg).

As suggested by Joe Vinson, a Professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton: "Green (not roasted) beans show its effectiveness is not due to the content of caffeine. Perhaps this is all in the presence of chlorogenic acid, which helps reduce the absorption of sugar".

It should be noted that in the experiment, the scientists counted the number of consumed calories. As it turned out that during the whole experiment, in General, participants consumed approximately equal amounts (on the day of the order of 2400 calories) and burned about 400 calories during the mandatory training is included in the daily routine.

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