External hearing AIDS - what brand to choose

The modern market offers a wide selection of BTE hearing AIDS, this abundance is very difficult to make decisions and to acquire reliable and high quality device. Advertising posts say to us: "Choose our hearing aid, and You'll hear the rustle of leaves, the sound drops and many other things". Let's rational approach to the selection of an external hearing aid, and won't succumb to advertising slogans, forcing to make us buy emotionally.

Would love to choose BTE model that will be able to discern even the slightest noises, sounds of nature - but this is not realistic in principle, since the device is equipped with a noise filter, which eliminates all low-frequency sounds and allows you to clearly hear speech and other important sounds. Additionally, such devices have one speaker and a microphone that will allow you to hear sounds in the range of "noise" and "speech".

So, when choosing a BTE device it is more about the build quality, comfort and durability.

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All these options are ideal digital BTE hearing aid Aurica. The drafting of which the manufacturer paid special attention to functionality, ergometrine, durability and build quality. Such devices hearing AIDS will last a long time as they are collected on the production with careful quality control, they are waterproof and bulletproof. And most importantly, their excellent ratio of price and quality.

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