Extending the years of the life of the tablet will soon be available to all

Scientists from the University of New South Wales States that will soon be developed miracle drug, prolonging human life to 150 years. These pills will help to restore the aging of cells, and stem cells in medicine can help treat the most severe ailments.

The possibility of extending human life for a couple of decades is very likely, apparatuses, provoking the regeneration processes in the body is almost finalized. The first technology that will allow people to live to 150 years have already begun to be developed. Currently tested composition is 100 times more powerful than resveratrol, and he is already showing the first signs of effectiveness.

Preparation of plant compounds resveratrol activated in aged mice enzymes that cause the regeneration of cells.

Neurologist from the University of Oxford Baroness Susan Greenfield noted that in the case of a serious increase in life expectancy of the person, after 65 years, people can start a second career. If to 65 years, their work will be associated with physical activity, then they will find themselves in science. However, it is first necessary to solve the issue of dementia.

Our era is the era of unprecedented life expectancy and research, otherwise the world is waiting for the social and economic catastrophe.

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