Extended list of friends in the social network is the cause of increased stress

According to a study in the Business school at Edinburgh University, the greater the number of groups like "family", "chiefs" contains the list of the friends of the man on Fасеbook, the more stress it puts. According to LA Weekly, added to friends, colleagues, employers or parents caused a rise in the General level of anxiety.

In fact, the cause of stress is the ability to view the person in unsightly for some friends appearance. It can be pictures, which are cigarettes and alcohol, profanity, reckless behavior.

While the urgency of the problem is especially important in the older age group, because the expectations of these people at odds with the expectations of young people. According to statistics, in 55% of cases using Facebook parents watching the kids. And the statement over 50% of employers, the person receives the failure, the reason for which is his profile on the social network.

It is no secret that in the friends list, the largest group consists of people with whom one really is familiar. Next on the list is divided between "family", "family", "friends of friends", "colleagues". A separate question about the "ex" (64% of users have them in the list). It should be noted that only 56% of the cases users of their significant other was keyed in the friends list.

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