Express implantation - features and types

Implantation is a process during which there is replacement of the natural tooth to a new, which can be created from various materials. Previously, this process required a considerable investment of time and effort, and also long-term tissue repair after surgery. Now, new technologies provide virtually painless procedure and allow you to recover in the shortest possible time. The main advantage of this implant is that after the procedure returns not only aesthetic appeal, but also all the chewing function, without which it is impossible to enjoy a meal in the full extent.

Who is the Express implantation? Indications can serve as the absence of at least one tooth in the oral cavity, and it could be the trauma of the existing tooth, or the presence of indications for removal. However, it is also noteworthy that in the presence of gum injury the operation remains possible.

The main features of Express implantation is that all procedures can be considered as a snapshot, is also a big plus is that the operation is seamless, and in some cases it is possible that non-surgical intervention.

At the moment there are several methods Express implantation:

- Implantation with an immediate load, which assumes a gradual recovery, and within 3-4 months the patient is able to use implanted a tooth in full.

- Basal implantation is applied in the need to replace or repair 3 or more teeth. The main advantage is the fact, at which the increase occurs in a very short time, and within a short period of time returns all the chewing function and aesthetic appearance.

MDI implants (mini-implantation) is the process of restoring the entire jaw, through the fixation of denture. Consider this option for those looking for a simple solution, and it is important to remember that their service does not exceed 15 years.

- Classical implantation (single-step) - this type of implant allows you to recover unlimited number of teeth.

The process involves many opportunities, and determine what type of installation is suitable in this case, it is necessary, in consultation with the attending physician. An experienced specialist will help you make the right choice, and depending on each individual case, will help to consider all the details.

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