Experts: young children need books, not electronic toys

Researchers from the United States came to the conclusion that books develop the child better than the modern electronic toys and gadgets. Moreover, excessive immersion of the baby into the electronic world can cause delays in speech development.

In total the study involved 26 babies 10-16 months. With them dealt with their parents. Study participants received a set of toys: - electronic games (phones, tablets, laptops, baby), table children's books or traditional toys.

It turned out that while computer entertainment children remember fewer words than traditional entertainment and educational games (puzzles, blocks, Board games). Informative books with illustrations also proved to be useful gadgets. Especially the children liked the colorful pictures on the whole page.

Experts recommend that parents spend more time with their children and not try to replace live communication phones or tablets. Only in this way can we ensure that the child will grow up smart and capable.

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