Experts: we should not force a child to eat all from the plate

Educators in kindergartens and parents often try to instill in young children the habit to completely finish his meal. To do this in any case is not necessary. This habit can lead to regular overeating and the development of childhood obesity. The results of studies involving children from 18 gardens for kids, writes the Daily Mail.

Researchers interviewed kindergarten teachers. It turned out that many people use food, especially sweets, as a way of rewarding a child for right actions. Going to the bathroom, washed hands, discipline and organization are all reasons to obtain a candy or something tasty. This motivation really works, but the final effect is not all happy. Education the connection between delicious food – it is quite dangerous.

Scientists do not recommend to create a child artificial incentives to behave for the sake of obtaining food. It is therefore not recommended to drive a little fast food restaurants and candy for good grades. Better to find other, safer ways to reward the child for his success.

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