Experts: water out of plastic bottles harms the body

Fifteen thousand people around the world suffer from water from plastic bottles and are unaware of the reasons for his illness. An international team of experts conducted an analysis and said that in some cases it is necessary to abandon the water from plastic containers.

According to the study with the participation of volunteer groups, the use of such water in 95% of cases leaves a trace in the form of the accumulation of Bisphenol A in blood and urine. This connection causes great debate among doctors and scientists. Someone thinks BPA is relatively safe in low concentrations, others call it a real poison or "time bomb". There are scientific work, talking about the impact of BPA on hormonal background of a person, the cardiovascular system and mental state.

The volunteers were asked over the course of four days not to drink water from plastic bottles. This step reduces the concentration of BPA in urine twice.

This fact can speak about one thing: not all drinking water companies comply with the safety standards. Especially dangerous is the heating of the laminate. It was then chemical compounds are released and fall into the water.

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