Experts warn that not all electric toothbrushes better mechanical

Scientists have established that the growth of bacteria in electrical brushes is three thousand times faster than mechanical counterparts. All the matter in the cavity, which serves as a nozzle on the main unit, writes The Times of India. Just over a month this brush can accumulate a large number of flora that causes infection and dangerous disease.

Electric toothbrush should have nylon bristles and an integral nozzle. This will slow down the process of bacteria. Well experts from the University of Texas Donna Warren Morris spoke about the UV system, which developers brushes recently began to promote.

There are simple tips for killing bacteria: it is enough to periodically soak the brush in a solution of soda or mouthrinse. If you see that the bristles are worn and has lost its rigidity, replace the nozzle with a new one.

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Dentists advise except toothbrush to use a special dental floss, mouthwash for mouth. Brushing your teeth should be at least 2 times a day. Well, if you are able to follow oral hygiene after each meal.

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