Experts warn of the health risks involved some of crunches

Doctors warn: not always playing sports benefit a person. Mindless fascination with the loads can cause serious damage to our health.

Sports doctor Vladimir Kachesov emphasizes that although our spine and designed for a load of 1500 kg, need very carefully, and only after consultation with a specialist, selecting a set of physical exercises. Thus, the specialist urges to abandon the so-called "twisting", the most common exercises for inflating the press.

Statistics estimate that up to 1/3 of performing this exercise in the result have to resort to medical help. The doctor was echoed by a performing athlete-bodybuilder, M. S. Denis Gusev. In his opinion, in the process of this exercise, when our body is not fixed, when you pick up the back spine is experiencing excessive load, resulting in the appearance of intervertebral hernia or protrusion.

You should be especially careful people with back problems and old injuries.

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