Experts: vitamin D supplementation simply do not work

Preparations containing vitamin D does not actually have any impact on bones and muscles for adults. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Auckland and the University of Aberdeen. They believe that a healthy person makes no sense to take such Supplements. The body produces vitamin D on their own. It is better to spend in the sun extra 10-20 minutes a day than to drink products with vitamins, says CTV News.

The only exceptions are cases where the analyses revealed a serious deficiency of vitamin D. Recent clinical studies prove that taking in Supplements of vitamin D does not affect the risk of heart disease, cancer. Bone and muscle vitamin also does not strengthen, if the body to cope with the production of compounds independently.

Many people begin to take a Supplement with vitamin D in the winter time. Experts recommend instead of synthetic drugs to diversify your diet. A large amount of vitamin D found in oily fish, milk and egg yolks.

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