The use of only foods of plant origin is harmful to health. So say experts from the University of Oxford. They proved that vegetarianism, in some cases, leads to a reduction in the size of the brain.

The shift of the diet towards vegetables and fruits without the replacement of the deficit of protein and fat – the process is extremely dangerous. It should be remembered about the existence of the essential amino acids found only in meat. Animal fats are also considered essential for the normal functioning of the human body.

"If you eat enough of foods such as meat, milk and fish, this could lead to a shortage in the body very important nutrients and vitamins. For example, if the human body lacks vitamin B12, it can lead to anemia and damage to the Central nervous system," - say the scientists.

In recent studies it has been proven that vegetarianism has a close relationship with a decrease in the activity of the brain. Experts in nutrition recommend when giving up meat to take supplements with iron and B12. So risking anemia is markedly reduced.

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