Experts uncovered the cause of headaches

All kinds of headache are of the same nature, according to scientists from the United States. According to this theory, humans are "independent bacteria". They live separately from the rest of the flora. Even the small number of such microorganisms dangerous to human health. As soon as their population increases above normal, the tissues start oxidizing processes that trigger pain in the head.

Until a theory is only scientific speculation. There are many causes for headaches: high blood pressure to irritation of the meninges. Doctors recommend to stay healthy and to go to the doctors with a relatively frequent and intense migraines. Usually a headache is just a symptom of an underlying disease.

According to experts, the lack of vitamin C in the body creates an excess of "independent bacteria" that enter the body from the atmosphere and water. Therefore, scientists recommend eating more foods with vitamin C (rose hips, lemons, oranges).

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