Experts told the country in which people work the least

A group of specialists from the Bank UBS, the study tried to understand the country in which the shortest working week.

Only the researchers evaluated data on workers in 70 cities in the world. As it turned out, the least people work in Paris. There, the working week is on average of 31 hours. Most working Hong Kong residents, about 50 hours a week.

The extended vacation, according to the study, in Bahrain. There are people resting on average 34 days per year, not counting holidays. In Hong Kong the average vacation lasts just 17 days, in Shanghai employers in General do not consider it necessary to allocate time to leisure, there time off due to work do not exceed one week.

We will note, much depends on the particular position. There are jobs where vacation and normalized chart – a rarity. In other positions, for example, in large companies, workers are protected by law and work according to the labour code of the country.

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