Experts told residents what countries eat better

In Belgium and Hungary most people eat semi-finished products and harmful food, while residents of Chad and Sierra Leone for the most part, prefer fruits, vegetables, nuts and other useful products, writes The Daily Mail. The analysis was subjected to 197 countries of the world. Despite some overestimation of the importance of a healthy diet, most people in rich countries prefer food rich in fats and fast carbs.

USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand today are the leaders in high consumption of junk food. For 20 years no change in the quality of the food has not occurred in Africa and Asia.

According to statistics, it is best to eat in Sierra Leone, Chad, Mali, the Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, côte d'ivoire, Senegal, Israel, Somalia. The most harmful food eaten by the residents of Armenia, Hungary, Belgium, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Argentina.

The researchers conducted a nutritional assessment in each country on a 100-point scale. It turned out that rich countries consume more healthy food, but did not abandon harmful food. In poor countries, most people preferred nutritious food, not paying attention to their harmfulness or usefulness.

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