Experts told about the main reason for divorce

Most marriages fall apart because of feelings of contempt. Adultery and other causes which are not essential, say experts from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington.

Scientists watched life of 79 married couples. It turned out that most arguments within families have occurred against the backdrop of contempt and not of cheating and infidelity. A sense of superiority over the partner, probably the most addiction. It, experts say, often leads to divorce.

Contempt is a complex emotion. It consists of a mixture of anger and disgust. This combination makes the building an equal relationship and prevents normal interaction between the partners. If the contempt is accompanied with a married couple every day, the probability of divorce is 93%, the study showed.

Scientists recommend most people to listen to loved ones, to try to discard negative feelings and learn to accept wife as an equal. Will help the mood to the positive.

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