Experts told about the harm from passive Smoking of marijuana

Enough to be just one minute in a room where Smoking "weed" to affect the operation of the vessels. During passive Smoking, the body requires three times more time on the recovery process, if we compare the figures with the passive inhalation of the smoke of conventional cigarettes. This writes Medical News Today.

Scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory mice. Rodents were exposed to smoke of marijuana or tobacco. And in fact, and in another case there was a violation on the part of the cardiovascular system. However, more significant changes, scientists have registered in the group that inhaled smoke the drug. The vessels of the mice were recovered for 90 minutes, in the control group who inhaled tobacco smoke, to 30 minutes.

The main harm cause the resin and not the substance. Legalizacija drug, many countries forget about physical harm from Smoking cannabis.

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