Experts told about the first case of a victory over HIV

Experts from Oxford and Cambridge universities, together with colleagues from the University and king's College London, described the first recorded case of a victory over the HIV virus using specific anti-viral therapy.

Now for treatment preparing another 49 people, so the test results of the drug are not yet available.

The situation with HIV in the world looks depressing. About 30 million people according to official statistics, has the disease. Most cases of the disease in developing countries. Note that Russia is every year approaching the top of the list of the countries-leaders by the number of people living with HIV.

However, some countries, the infection has been overcome. Recently, Australian authorities said that we have reached the minimum threshold of the virus in the country.

In many other countries to treat all those infected not. Not enough money for the purchase of medicines, and the population does not believe in the danger of the disease. However, the qualitative treatment of people with HIV can live almost a full life, without treatment times are reduced to several years.

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