Viewing other people's selfies-photos hurts the self-esteem and the degree of life satisfaction. According to scientists from the University of Pennsylvania. "Most studies of social networks affect people's motivation to share a particular information, and user preferences. We drew attention to the effect which produces to the consumers of this information," says Ruoxi van, one of the authors of the study.

Special attention psychologists draw on a group of users occupying the role of observers. Such people are usually almost did not post the photos to the network, however, willing to follow the life of others. Observers – one of the main risk for reduced self-esteem.

The study showed that the more often people looking at other people's selfie photos, the more likely the problems with self-awareness. Usually photos to social networks is done with a happy face and in a pleasant environment. On the background of someone else's happiness, experts say, your own life may not seem so perfect.

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