Experts: the problem of obesity has never stood so badly

Ten years ago, one of the world's major problems were hunger in the poorest countries, now the focus has shifted to obesity. According to statistics, the number of people with obesity for the first time in history exceeded the number of those with low birth weight. This tells the BBC, referring to the results of research scientists from king's College London.

Over the past 40 years the number of adult male obesity have tripled, with women twice. In absolute numbers it sounds even more impressive: according to data for 2014, in the world is home to 641 million people with obesity. This 4.5 population of Russia.

The number of people with insufficient body weight increased only 1.5 times. It happened because of a General increase in the population of people on the planet. Experts believe, has come it is time serious measures to combat overweight. Otherwise the problem will become the leading cause of death among world population.

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