Experts: the mechanism of dependence on marijuana is no different from the rest of the dependencies

In the formation according to the use of "grass" involves the same areas of the brain that if you experience more serious types of addiction. This is indicated by the results of research experts from the University of Texas. They conducted functional magnetic imaging (MRI) 59 volunteers found in regular marijuana use.

Neurologists to map the brain and identified it areas responsible for addiction. It is interesting that these areas are activated even when images of cannabis. Note that in healthy people, such excitation is usually not marked.

Of particular interest to scientists is caused by the following fact. The pattern of dependence on marijuana and other drugs psychological dependence is virtually identical. This can only talk about one thing: cannabis – exactly the same narcotic substance, like many other compounds, is prohibited by law.

Other studies have shown that regular use of pot suppresses emotions, motivation and injures the brain. Further admissions of marijuana creates additional threats to the heart. The drug increases the heart rate and increases blood pressure.

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