Children should be introduced to the sport, then they are unlikely to face obesity, poor posture and a range of other abnormalities. Researchers from the USA have proved that most of the habits and traits of character are laid in the first year of life, which is why educational moment for children is so important.

Today's children are not too eager to do sports. Many people prefer quiet leisure activities: computer games, Hiking in the shopping malls, socializing with friends in social networks. With all of this, doctors recommend children to move at least one hour a day to grow up healthy and strong.

The thing about parents and their approach to raising children. If you instill in your child good habits, there is a high chance that he will preserve them to teenage years and more Mature age.

Lack of physical activity, remind scientists, violates the metabolic processes in the body. The most common disorder – obesity. It, in turn, leads to other diseases: diabetes mellitus, gastritis, wear and tear of the joints and bones.

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