Falling to the floor, the food is immediately infected with bacteria. This is indicated by the results of the experiment are scientists from Rutgers University. Many people think that if fallen food to quickly raise, the bacteria do not have time to penetrate the product. However, this is only a myth that has been dispelled.

Scientists took different foods and throw them on four different surfaces: kitchen tiles, carpeted, stainless steel or laminate. On the surface was applied a mixture of their bacterial two types. The quality of products used by scientists bread, watermelon, sandwich and caramel. Products lying on the floor 1, 5, or 300 seconds. Scientists have conducted a series of 128 attempts. Each of the scenarios they repeated 20 times for more accurate results.

Less total bacteria attracted a firm candy. The most polluted was the watermelon because of its watery. Interestingly, the time spent on the dirty floor did not affect the degree of contamination by bacteria. "Five second rule" doesn't work, the scientists concluded.

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