Experts: the brain of a man is not multitasking

Experts from the Higher school of Economics Russia in one of the recent studies have proved that the brain of men can hardly be called multi-tasking. Women in most cases can easily cope with multiple tasks in parallel.

In total, the experiment involved 140 people aged 20-65 years. The activities of the volunteers was observed by scientists.

Subjects were asked to solve various tasks and to switch from one activity to another. Women have involved additional parts of the brain that helped them in multitasking. Men also cope with several tasks simultaneously, it was quite difficult.

Scientists have once again confirmed the theory that the male brain is simply not designed for simultaneous execution of multiple tasks. Perhaps this phenomenon is associated with the processes of evolution. When men concentrated on hunting or protecting the home against enemies, the women also looked after the children, preparing written and kept the hearth.

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